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I’m Clark. I’m a guy who has been fortunate enough to live a fairly interesting life. I am currently focusing on traveling the world with my wife while building my online presence and business interests. This blog is my place to write about topics based on three core focuses of mine:

  1. Building an online business. This is the key to starting a true life of freedom for most people. By having a business that is fueled by the internet, most people can begin to find the freedom that just isn’t possible in a normal 9-5 job. It also provides opportunities for people who may be disabled and limited in their effective hours and ability to do a traditional job. This may also be applicable to people who don’t have access to good jobs in their area.

  2. Traveling the world. Maybe you don’t want to travel the world. Maybe you just want the option to do so. Maybe you just want to take a long weekend at the beach or live in a different place every 3 months. No matter what floats your boat, there will probably be something you can use here. 

  3. Living a life of freedom. I believe that you should live the life you truly want to live, regardless of what other people think. As long as you don’t hurt anybody else or break the laws in your state/country, then you should aim for your ideal life and live that life every day you are on this planet. Sometimes that means building an online business and traveling to another country (or countries) to live as freely as you possibly can.

These three things are my personal core values, and I think they tie into each other very nicely. The content I will put on my site will typically focus on these things in some way. 

My Personal Story in a Nutshell

I am a husband, father, grandfather, disabled veteran, and entrepreneur. I seek to live the digital nomad lifestyle as I travel around the world with my wife. I completed my MBA in 2020 when the world was getting crazy with the pandemic. I have also been actively learning and taking action on marketing/sales in some form since 2007. So I know a thing or two about business, but we all start somewhere. After years of research, planning, and preparation, in January 2023 I flew with my wife to Cancun, Mexico, and began our new journey to embrace the three focuses I wrote about above. 

My Business Philosophy

I don’t believe in the hustle 24/7 mentality that a lot of business gurus like to shove down people’s throats these days. I am more of a long-term consistency type of guy. I believe that if you consistently show up more days than not, and put the effort in over a long time, you will get results.

Obviously the more you can show up each day, the better. But as I said earlier, I am a disabled veteran and that can make some days more difficult than others. If you are limited in your ability to work, you should strive to come up with a plan that works for you. But owning your own online business makes that more doable. 

If you enter into entrepreneurship wondering how long it is going to take before you make money, you are already at a disadvantage. Ask yourself if you are willing to go years without making money as you build your business up. Would you still do it? If so, then you have the right mindset. Play the long game. 

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Clark Faint

clark faint

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