Everywhere I look now, the hot topic is Artificial Intelligence or AI. It’s all over social media like cryptocurrency was in the previous 5-8 years. I have seen AI-generated images and blog posts all over the place. People are really having fun experimenting with these tools, and I am no exception.

In the ChatGPT platform on OpenAI, I have gotten fairly good responses to questions. I have even gotten the platform to write short articles for me that are better than what I have hired people to write in the past. If you consider how much better AI technology grows by the day, it is not hard to see that this technology will replace a lot of jobs in the not-so-distant future. 

Alex Hormozi did a great takedown on some of the capabilities of AI-driven technology and what to expect in the next 10 years. Watch it here:

While the tech is not perfect right now, it is impressive and will continue to improve. Eventually, AI will teach itself how to learn from mistakes and improve with each iteration without the need for human assistance. At this level, we can expect many jobs to be obsolete and Universal Basic Income may be a necessity at that point. 

So what should you do? Make the most of the time you have until AI catches up. If you have been holding off on starting a business, start it sooner. If you are already in business, see if there are available AI-powered tools that will help you make more money, automate mundane tasks, and/or improve the efficiency of your organization. If you have money to invest, then consider putting some of your money into companies that are at the forefront of the AI industry. 

Artificial intelligence and augmented/virtual reality are the two biggest growth industries in the next 10-20 years. Do what you can to add them to your toolbox and grow your business and portfolio.